Sustainable design and green construction

Our guest house is a bioclimatic building with large windows facing south to take full advantage of the sun’s energy and built with ecological celluloid insulation which greatly reduces the need for heating.

Both the water heater and the central heating units are powered with geothermic energy. This clean, renewable energy source is based on exchanging the heat stored underground which, in the case of our guest house, is distributed through heat radiating floor boards.

You would be staying in a healthy house, built using natural materials. The stones originally scattered throughout the grounds were employed for construction. The carpentry and roof structure is wooden. Cement was substituted by lime mortar and we made no use of paint or PVC.

The rainwater feeds our “green roofing” and is stored for watering the gardens. We purify our residual waters and sort all our garbage to be recycled. We have installed water-saving systems in all our faucets and shower heads and use only energy-saving light bulbs.

In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy our facilities, we also have wheelchair accessible bathrooms and showers, ramps in all the access doors to the building, and wide hallways, providing ample room to maneuver wheelchairs. The outside bar area has a counter adapted to an 80cm height.