Complete rental of the Hotel

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For a few months a year, we offer the possibility of renting the entire complex, with the right to use the kitchen but without towel service, room cleaning or catering. For parties or celebrations with more people attending, prices vary. Please consult us.
The house has everything you need, you will have Wi-fi, firewood, heating and blankets. There are no TV's. The kitchen has all the electrical appliances, oven, fridge and freezer, cold room of the buffet and any other kitchen tool we have (this is a restaurant and there is everything). This includes hand and machine dishwashing soaps. There are dishes, plates, glasses and anything else you might need. The coffee machine in the bar and the outside bar are not included and are not rented. The prices include sheets but no towels (the price per towel is 3 ?), nor cleaning service. The house will be returned clean or 100 euros will be charged for cleaning the common areas.



In this hiring modality it is essential to contact the owners directly.
No rockets, firecrackers or fireworks are allowed because they disturb the animals on the farm. Neither is allowed rice, serpentine, confetti or similar because of the difficulty of cleaning. The price for cleaning the exteriors is 300 euros.
The plot (garden and facilities) must be returned clean and without any garbage. It is compulsory to throw away the garbage. If it is left, the price of our recycling is 100 ?.
The loss of the set of keys or any of them, entails the loss of 100 ?.
It is forbidden to smoke in the rooms, as well as to use the wet wipes in the hotel.
Animals are allowed but with the conditions that are in our web that are of common sense and respect.
You can nail things to the ground but first ask where because there are pipes all over the plot and a breakdown would be a major expense for you.
The cars do not enter the lawn, nor the trucks to mount if it were the case, is downloaded from the traffic circle.
There are several areas on the plot where you can not enter unless it is with one of us, the warehouses, the adobe hut to the south, our house and the farm area.
The responsibility for the gate is yours. The gate is the only thing that closes the plot and there should be someone in charge of closing the gate when everyone leaves and leaving the lights off.
The price contracted is for an agreed number of people, no more than 32 people unless another number has been agreed with the owner.
The owner reserves the right to modify these rules, notifying the client before the date of entry.

Deposit and form of payment

To formalize the reservation we ask for 50% of the accommodation in advance in an account that we indicate in the confirmation email. It is necessary to indicate in the concept the date of entrance and name of the one who initiated the reserve. Until this payment is confirmed, the schedule of occupation will not be changed. The total of the reservation (discounting half of the deposit) is paid once here and in cash, unless you prefer to transfer the total for not bringing cash. There is no card payment. In the case of setting up a tent, an additional deposit of 2,000 euros is required.

Return of deposit

The next day, after checking the state of the facilities, 50% of the advance is returned (which is 25% of the total that was left as a deposit on the day of entry). In case of finding damage due to an improper use of the facilities or that the facilities have not been returned as found (collected and with clean cutlery, plates and pans) this money will be available to cover the repair or cleaning bills. In the case that the amount is higher than the deposit, the guest will leave a signed authorization for collection by card or a commitment to pay in cash on the day of entry.


The cancellation period for the return is 50 days. Otherwise you will lose any right to recover that amount.